What is your role as a parent?

The parent’s role in the NC Fusion Tots class is to help guide the individual child through the challenges.  We want to make it clear the parents will be asked to participate with the child.  Just explaining and talking the child through the activity is not the intention of parent participation.  The children will learn much faster and more thoroughly if they see the instructor and parents doing the same activity! With that, we ask you give your tot and coach your full attention.  

The activities are very basic and will be mainly repeated every week.  Variations to the activities will be added to mix things up and keep the kids guessing!  The ability and skill of each child will vary greatly in this class, so do not worry.

What is our intent in our FusionTots Program?

Our intent is to engage the kids in games that will develop their skills without the feeling like it is something they have to do.  Sometimes a child will wander, get distracted, or choose not to participate and that is okay!  We have a “pull” rather than a “push” philosophy.  We try to engage or reengage them when they are ready!

What is our discipline policy?

Learning to listen and follow directions is part of the learning process we are teaching.  Our style is to be positive and gentle.  Our process for corrective action if a child is being disruptive is to gently ask them to listen or stop acting out and after that we will expect you as a parent to handle the situation.  If a problem arises, we may ask you and your child to sit out for a bit.

What should we bring to FusionTots Classes?

Please make sure your child is dressed in appropriate, comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.  You do not have to purchase cleats, shin-guards, etc, but is completely up to you! Please bring a water bottle/juice etc as well!

What is our weather policy?

If any TwinsTots classes are cancelled due to weather, each will be rescheduled for a different date or possibly a different location.

If a coach needs to cancel a class due to an emergency we will try our best to have a substitute coach or we will reschedule your class for another time/date.

How long do FusionTots Sessions/Classes run?

FusionTots sessions run for 6 weeks.  Each class is 45 minutes long, once a week.  We try to offer our tots sessions every other month with the exception of summer months.

What are my class options?

You will be able to find your class options for your child’s age by signing in or creating an account via our “register” button under Classes

How much does the program cost?

Our FusionTots programs cost $80 per class.  After the original deadline, a $10 late fee will be added.

What is your refund policy?

NC Fusion Sports Payment Policy for the FusionTots Program
Once a player is registered for the NC Fusion Sports FusionTots Program, refunds may be given,
minus a $10 administrative fee, depending on the timing of the request.
Refund requests must be made in writing via e-mail to the FusionTots Director and the email
must include the player’s name, parent’s name and the address to which the
refund should be sent. For families without access to e-mail, a letter of request may be
mailed to the NC Fusion Sports at PO Box 362, Clemmons, NC 27012.
1) For requests received a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to the first week of your
player’s session, a refund will be issued in full, minus a $10 administrative fee.
2) For requests received between three week period and the first scheduled session, a
50% refund , minus the $10 administrative fee.
3) Refund requests received after the first scheduled session which are not due to
family relocation or medical reason documented by a physician will not be honored.

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